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QAS is an independent consultancy organization with no conflicts of interest or holdings in certification or accreditation bodies.

QAS is a professional and effective consultant. We always listen, learning about the real situation and target of enterprises, and then giving an exact solution. We are partly attached to the consulted company and are responsible with the Executive Board and personnel to determine the best way to exactly reach your standards and objectives.

We design a flexible and compact management systems and issue solutions systematically. Through our experience, creativity, technology, and professional skills, we can handle the current challenges and prevent the coming ones.

We develope the most suitable management strategy to achieve your goals and strictly comply with it. We regularly exchange information with customers about execution status and ensure that communication is clear to all the members of your enterprise.

We are proud of the reasonable and competitive prices of our services.

Experienced experts at QAS will help you to build and effectively implement your management system, satisfying international standards, and gaining Certificates from the Certification Bodies in Vietnam and throughout the world.


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