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QAS pledges to strictly comply with professional ethics upon providing consultancy services for enterprises, including:

Respect for the Law: Complying with all Government Regulations when consulting.

Security: Keeping customers’ information in private, not taking advantage of that data, and not allowing any other person to use information compiled for personal purposes.

No Unrealistic Promises: We will never create the false for our customers by making unrealistic promises about services provided.

Full Disclosure: We never accept bonuses or any profits from a Third Party, which may affect our consultant advices for customers, without informing customers or explaining the financial gains from goods and services related to those suggestions.

Qualified Expects: We only accept the projects for which we have qualified experts.

No Conflicts of Interest: We will not accept nor take part in projects with conflicts of interest without informing all parties connected.

Clear Objectives: We will ensure that, before acting to execute the project, both of parties are clear about mottos, work scope, and the cost, as well as personal benefits, financial gains, or any other profits which may affect the work done.

Respect for you Employees: We never invite our customers’ personnel to work for QAS without discussing it with the head of consulted business.


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